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United Way of America

Brian Gallagher, President
701 N. Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA

  • 1887—A rabbi, 2 ministers, and a priest founded the Charity Organizations Society in Denver, which planned and coordinated local services and conducted a single fund-raising campaign.
  • 1894--Charitable institutions became tax exempt.
  • 1918—Twelve fund-raising federations from around the nation met in Chicago and formed American Association for Community Organizations, predecessor to UW of America
  • 1913—The first Community Chest was formed in Cleveland.
  • 1919—39 organizations nationally.
  • 1929—353 organizations nationally.
  • In the 20’s and 30’s local Chambers of Commerce helped establish a Community Chest in their communities.
  • 1948—1,000 organizations nationally. In the early 50’s organizations changed their names to United Fund and included broader agency representation.
  • In the 70’s United Way of America encouraged local organizations to unify their names as United Way.
  • 1973—UW of America established a partnership with the NFL to increase awareness.
  • 2002—Brian Gallagher assumes the role of presidency.
  • 2003—New Membership Standards developed to increase accountability among local United Ways.
  • 2003—Adopted a marketing brand “What Matters” and the new logo.
  • 2005—Approximately 1,350 members.

Indiana Assoc of United Ways

Roger Frick, President
3901 North Meridian Street, Suite 306
Indianapolis, IN

  • 1978—18 United Ways around the State organized a volunteered governed State Association called United Way of Indiana.
  • 1979—Appointed the first Executive Director.
  • 1982—Appointed second Executive Director Tom Rugh.
  • 1990—Begin Giant Step Initiative to establish new United Ways and strengthen existing United Ways ($10.9 million program funded by Lilly Endowment).
  • 1992—Changed name to Indiana Association of United Ways (IAUW).
  • Independent evaluation reports Giant Step helped Indiana United Ways and Funds raise $10 million more than national average since 1991.
  • 1996—IAUW receives $1.05 million for Giant Step technical assistance. To United Ways.
  • 1999—Roger Frick named President.
  • 2000—Lilly Endowment funds $6.4 million Jumpstart matching grants.
  • 2002—Single software solution for all members abandoned.
  • 2002—Central server-based, shared business service model developed.
  • 2003—Indiana 211 certifies regional call centers.
  • 2004—4 community programs began with Lilly Endowment support.

United Way of Jay County, Inc.

  • 1958- Jay United Fund for You (JUFFY) began
  • 1989- Name changed to United Way of Jay County, Inc.
  • 2008 - Celebrating 50 years of Serving Jay County

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